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Harare has an emergent appraised population of 1,6 million. The city was founded in 1890, just 4 years after, the Seventh-Day Adventist was to be introduced for the first time in Zimbabwe, Solusi 1894.

A century on, this urbanite city has fast become one of Africa’s busy cities. Factually, with growth comes a lot of moral tunings and a firm restless big city rush that habitually drives man’s attention away from God.

It is on this backdrop amongst others that the Harare Seventh Day Adventist Church has embarked on a divine project which will see a structure, worth more than Harare’s population, in figures, being built for The Lord.

An Evangelical Centre is being erected at the Kopje in the heart of Harare for the souls of the city. Occupation of the temple is expected to be in 2013.

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