Sabbath School

As the Sabbath School Department, our desire is to share Christ and His Lifestyle to each member of the Sabbath School..Encouraging members to embody Christ not only on the Sabbath but all through the week too! 

Our Evangelistic thrust boarders on:

1. Study of Scripture 

  • Encourage the church to read the quarterly 
  • Each class to allocate ‘lesson study guide’ days to different members to encourage class participation 
  • Encourage the church to have hard copy lesson study guides

2. Fellowship 

  • Suggestion that each class creates a WhatsApp for members to share and discuss lessons from the quarterly during the week. 
  • Teachers to also create WhatsApp group for the same purpose. 

3. Community Outreach

  • Each class must at least have a sabbath school outreach program per quarter. 
  • Identify non-attending class members and visit them
  • Encourage each class to have a prayer list. 
  • Encourage each class to have a target to invite a certain number of non-adventist friends/family to church. 
  • Each class to identity non-Adventist visitors during sabbath school and take care of them through out the day. 

4. World Mission Emphasis 

  • Encouragement to have local mission stories shared during sabbath school - God is also at work right here at HCCC!