Cost & Our Appeal


The cost of the entire project is USD2.2 million. So far, the local church has raised over USD150,000 and continues fund-raising activities. The building project has already started and is being done in phases. The following milestones have been completed:

Purchase of stand

  • Project architects have been appointed and have completed their designs and drawings.
  • The required team of engineers have been appointed and have completed their designs and drawings.
  • All submissions to all relevant authorities have been done.
  • All the above milestones have been paid for or funds have already been set aside. Fund raising activities continue as the local church level, sister churches, other church bodies, businesses and the society at large. The plan of the Project Committee is that, with God's grace, the project continues non-stop from start to finish.

Our Appeal

The success of this ambitious project depends on the faith and dedication of all those who feel moved to participate in the project. It is our hope that you share the vision with us and you want to be part of this project. The enthusiasm that we have received so far has greatly encouraged us. We continue to appeal to well-wishers everywhere to land a helping hand. The souls of many are in danger of being destroyed due to lack of spiritual, moral and social guidance. The challenges that our society faces today are immense and require the concerted efforts of everyone who cares. Please be one of those that care and give generously towards this endeavour. Let us act on our faith and see what God has prepared for his faithful and trusting people.

Be part of the God commissioned mission of spreading the gospel today by sending your donation or pledge to the following. Please note that non-monetary donations are most welcome.