Our History

Harare SDA City Church is one of the 71 000 SDA churches strewn all over the world. Our 500 city church members form part of this 18 million populace of Adventists around the world. HCCC has an interesting history. Founded 27 years ago by a small group of young men and women, now our elders.

There was need for a central church at that time. God impressed a small exodus from Highlands Church and that is how it all started. History records that the current NSSA building stands where our church could have been. However, a stand in Highlands was chosen by the then majority white Adventists. From a congregation of less than ten, today we avow thousands of souls having passed through our church doors. The church has been on an exodus rampage ever since. Of the many worship venues leased before, Harare Polytechnic remains timeworn to many. It was at this site that the spirit of God caught on to our mothers. This led to an instantaneous move to the Kopje stand which had been bought by the church some years earlier. Observably, the move would bring about major self-sacrifices.

Like the children of Israel, from Egypt (Polytechnic), we left our rental oppression and roof shade comfort. The journey would lead us into the wilderness (Kopje), were the scorching sun spared none and the hard ground knocked sense into our minds to buy chairs and a tent. Worship became more favorable after these acquisitions. This witnessed the return of some members we had lost to other SDA churches, God be praised.

A ground breaking ceremony was held and the then President, Pastor Nzuma and a few other guests preceded the historical task. Despite the tent, chairs and stoop renovations, there was still need for a building for God, as instructed in the bible. The voices of men and women calling for an Evangelical Centre was re-heard.
Somewhere in the church archives, reclined architectural plans and drawings of a multi-million dollar building for HCCC. God rekindled the hearts and zeal of the congregation to build His temple.

After so many grilling debates, prayers, misunderstandings, temptations and blessings, the church has moved from the kopje stand to make way for the building of the temple of God. Glory be to I AM.